Pash fishing baits has been advertising on the web now for over nine years. We always make our secret fishing bait recipes fresh to order only. We have been very busy this year looking at new tin and aliminium recycled packaging for our new fishing bait products to be placed into, because we hate plastic bottles and we want to do our bit to save the inviroment, which is very important. Plastic is killing our fish and we must act now to do something about it, otherwise in years to come there wont be any new fish to catch in any water, because of plastic.

About Us

Pash fishing baits is a family brand based in norwich uk. We create all our own british made fishing baits. After being an ingrediant science researcher for many years now. We have decided to make some new shaped fishing pellets for this fishing season and looking forward to seeing many anglers using them on rivers and lakes this June 2018. Our new shape pellets are catching carp and barbel fish at the moment, which is great news. It has been a while since we have brought out something new for all anglers, but we have enjoyed a challenge at making something different for the fish to eat and grow bigger.

Our brand new pellets will be available soon to buy and the colour of them are very natural. Its took us nearly one year to come up with our new secret fishing recipe. Our new pellets float and then sink after a few minutes. I call it science fishing.